Save the date - The 3rd Argentine Film week in Ho Chi Minh (3-4 December)

The 3rd Argentine Film Festival in Ho Chi Minh City will be taken place in December 3rd and 4th, 2018 in the Institute of Cultural Exchange with France “IDECAF”, 31 Thai Van Lung street, District 1.

In this Festival, four movies of the genres comedy-romance, animation, action and black comedy will be screened. Please find attached the schedule and synopsis of the films, which are subtitled in English and Vietnamese.

If you are interested in attending to this movie screening, please send us an email and we will reserve your ticket.


1. December 3rd, 2018


The film is a collection of six stories around the wild instincts and violence of human. Cumulative hatred for years, love betrayal or a small traffic crash can also lead to bloody revenge. The "crazy" stories that describe all the different angles of wild instinct still exist in each of us.
Trailer Relatos salvajes-Wild tales:


Jewish-born Adrián and Catholic-born Leonora have finally reached their wedding day. Instead of gracefully embracing matrimony, Adrián spends the hours leading up to the ceremony trying to postpone it, not because he's got cold feet (or does he?), but because he's clumsily lost both his and his bride-to-be's sacred wedding rings.

Trailer Mi primera boda-My first wedding:

2. December 4th, 2018

18h30: METEGOL

(UNDERDOGS) Amadeo is forced to face the football superstar "The Crack" on the pitch to save his town from danger of being wiped out. Amadeo is assisted by the tiny players in the foosball table, led by the "Wing"captain. Together, the team goes through many challenges and gradually finds the true value of friendship and love in their life.
Trailer Metegol-Underdogs\


Psychologist Mariano Silverstein was assigned to help detective Alfredo Díaz, who is now in a state of depression after discovering his wife's adultery. At a dinner, detective Díaz accidentally disclosed that Silverstein's wife is also adultery and both decided to investigate a mysterious disappearance. The two of you go through many dangers and break a national crime plot.
Trailer Time-tiempo de valientes:

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